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Over time, computers need servicing, it’s an unfortunate fact.
Instead of waiting for something bad to happen, why not be proactive!

DigiBandit offers some of the same features that Businesses enjoy, such as:
remote monitoring, managed anti-virus and more!

Our software can be installed on your Windows, macOS or Linux machines!

dbits support software will alert DigiBandit of any system issues, problems and more.

It can keep your system up-to-date, protect your computer from viruses and malware too!

With the dbits Support Software, you can request remote assistance and get help with whatever you need!

ServiceDescriptionMonthly Fee
Base PackageRequired to get started. Includes 1 User, Basic Free Antivirus and the DigiBandit Support Software which enables Remote Monitoring and Management. Includes Remote Support (Quarter Hour Rate) and Remote Monitoring (Alerts about system health, updates, etc) tool$7.50
Additional ComputerAdd another computer to your plan! (Cost Per Device)$5.00
Endpoint Protection (Antivirus)Protect yourself with industry leading antivirus (Cost Per Device)$2.50
DNS Protection (Online Antivirus)DNS Protection addon for Endpoint Protection. (Cost Per Device)$5.00
Security Awareness TrainingRecuring security awareness training for users. Addon for Endpoint Protection. (Cost Per User)$5.00
Cloud BackupMonthly backups of system, off-site and in the cloud, per Computer. Per 500GB, 1 Year Commitment Required.$20.00

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DigiBandit Support Software

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